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Stylish Glass Fibre Roofing In Birmingham, West Midlands

Transform your property with GRP roofing and flat roofing provided by our skilled roofers. At Birmingham Flat Roofing & Fibre Glassing Specialists in Birmingham, West Midlands, we are a talented team of skilled tradesmen who are keen to enhance your home with quality Matrix™, Restec™ and Cure It™ glass fibre roofing.

Using High-Quality Materials

Revamp your home with an attractive roof that is easy to maintain. GRP stands for glass-reinforced plastic, and is ideal for patios, balconies, walkways, garden rooms, and gutter valleys. You don't have to worry about tending to any problems, as GRP has an extensive life expectancy of 50 years and requires little to no maintenance. Able to tolerate heavy foot traffic, the GRP product is available with a non-slip option and lead effect, is exceptionally strong, and has no intrinsic value to thieves. Additionally, it is available with non-slip slate chipping, and we provide a fire-resistance rating.

Choose Easy Refurbishments

Receive roofing that is suited to your property by choosing glass fibre roofing. Extremely adaptable, the material is easily tailored. For example, you may have GRP roofing on your kitchen and later decide to have this extended. Unlike other roofing methods that may require a makeshift joint or a stripping of the old roof, GRP roofing is easily attached to and merged with existing roofs. Available in a range of colours and sizes, GRP is easy to refurbish at a later date should you wish to alter the colour. As with rubber roofing, the glass fibre product comes with a 20-year warranty, and owing to its adaptability, added durability, and strength, is slightly higher in price.

To learn more about our flat glass fibre roofs, contact us, in Birmingham, West Midlands.